My Perfectionism

My perfectionism is causing this...... 

 My perfectionism is driving me nuts.  I can't move forward on this blog because I can't make it perfect!
Please help me to stop!  I have read and researched till I'm sick... I hate it.  I'm still battling between Word Press or Blogger.  I'm not happy with the way Blogger is looking.  Yet if I change I can procrastinate and spend another year learning how to get around in Word Press.   


My Perfectionism
Does anyone have any suggestions? 

I struggle and I beat my head on my desk..... then I remember that I have my DoTerra Essential Oils



All I need to do is add a couple of drops of Black Pepper and Bergamot in the palms of my hands.  Rub together 2-3 times and cup my hands over my mouth and nose and breathe deeply.  Amazing how it gets my focus turned around!

Why don't I remember these things???  I'm a DoTerra Wellness Advocate!!  I should be alert to these things!!

From now on..... I will not procrastinate -- yea right!  Tomorrow I will not try for perfectionism---- hmmm, I'll try.

But for today I have my focus on with my Rocking W Essential Oils by DoTerra!


     Well.... I'm back.  I've been beating my head against a wall lately.  Actually for months... plus months... ok, over a year.  Do I stay with Blogger or go with  I've read and researched until my brain is crying out in protest.  So yesterday I sat down and wiped clean this entire blog.  Reformatted my header.  Deleted all previous posts.  I'm going to try and rejuvenate, breathe fresh life, into this blog.  I'll give it a few months.  If I'm not happy with it I'll go to the other side.... WordPress.Org.

    I've also had a hard time picking a particular subject to just stick with as well.  Do I want this to be a food blog?  Hmmmm.... maybe.  I totally admire and love The Pioneer Woman, The Southern Lady Cooks and so many more.  I will be posting recipes from all the blogs that I love and posting links back to them.  Do I want this to be an essential oil blog....hmmm.... not sure.  I am a DoTerra Wellness Advocate and I found these particular oils under the direction of Jill Winger of The Prairie Homestead.  I have since met so many awesome ladies that are trying to keep their families healthy with essential oils and I want to share that also.  Plus, what with all the virus and that E word scare going around I want to use my oils to their best advantage..... keeping us healthy and immune!
Rocking W Essential Oils

In my first blog I was trying to incorporate my daughter's, Brecca Jo Wheaton,  horse training business into my one of my pages.   But I think I've decided to fore go that for now.  She has her own Face Book page at Crown B Performance Horses. 
  I'm sure I'll be posting often some of her photos as well as her activities but I don't think I'll devote as much to her actual business.  She has more than she can do as it is. 
   My son also has his business of hauling cattle.  I'll be keeping everyone updated on his trips.... escapades as well.   He sends me beautiful pictures along his travels.  He doesn't have a web page, or Face Book book.... "too much drama mom".  But, here is a picture of his truck which he loves..... No he's not married..... married to his truck I think.  I have to keep both my kids covered in prayer.... I'm a longs way off from both of them, and yes, I have the verse from Philippians 4:6-7 written in every notebook, scratch pad that I have:   6 Be Anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. (Emphasis my own).
Will Wheaton's first love.... his truck.
     Which leads me into another topic.... Do I use this blog as small bible study of sorts?  I'm no Sunday School teach, Bible Scholar, minister, or anything of the sort.  I do put God first (well I try... ).  I read my Bible -- I believe what it says.  I take a lot of on line Bible Study classes and try to learn how to apply what I'm learning to life.  Which, life gets dirty sometimes and it's hard to stay the course.  But I work on my faith everyday.   I love, love, love the gals at Proverbs 31 Ministries.  They have such a heart for Christ and women and family's.  I do plan on using this media as an outlet to let others see how Christ is working in my life.  Maybe I'll devote an entire page to that subject.  Because the Good Lord knows that He's had his hands full with me and mine for the past year!
     I also would like to encourage others.  Just post uplifting little antidotes.  Maybe point ya all in the direction of some of the people who have helped me to overcome and persevere during these past months.  Like Sandi Krakowski.   Ho my goodness!  This woman is amazing.  Don't judge her before you know all that she has been through.  She's phenomenal in the fact that she has built this business of hers to such a huge success.  Have I taken any of her courses?  No.  Not that I haven't wanted to..... such not a good time for me.  Do I read everything she sends out.... Yes!  I've learned so much from her.
     So.  All that being said.  I am now going to go try to organize my thoughts as which direction I will be taking this blog.  Plus, you never know just what a cluster of a mess your photos are in until you start trying to find one for your blog!  Ugh.... I guess that's what I should tackle first.  I also need to go back and read over Blogger's updated info on pages and gadgets and widgets and all that good stuff.  Let's hope I don't get so buried in the "how to's" that I let this be my only post for another year!
Please comment and let me know if there is anything that you might like to see or read about.  Right now I'm over flowing with what I want to share with each and every one but I know that writers block is lurking over my shoulder! Stay with me..... I'll share how God has worked in our lives.  Recipes that are college girl friendly and great for your families.  I'll take you across the state of Texas with Will's travel photos and videos.  It should be a real ride..... One Hoof Print At A Time!