Welcome Back!!

Welcome Back To The Horsebrush!!

I know.... I seem to disappear quite regular.  The problem is..... I do so much research and studying on how to blog... how to get my graphics all pretty.... that I never have time to post!  But that's going to change.  I have a lot of I would like to share.  I'm still trying to share what I have learned about Essential Oils.  Plus I will be starting a new bible study with Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies and I will be sharing from that.  The last study I did was called Keep It Shut.  I had so much I wanted to post and share with everyone..... but I guess I kept it a little to "shut"!!

I will be also be posting pictures soon.  Updates on my kids and their lives.... My husband started a new job and will be working cattle next week.  I hope to get lots of pictures of that.  My beading is slow... but so am I..... I'll post some pictures of what I've finished.  I've not started a new drawing but hope to do that soon also.... Plus new recipes!

So lope on back over here often and I'll try to be more on the ball in the near future!

My Perfectionism

My perfectionism is causing this...... 

 My perfectionism is driving me nuts.  I can't move forward on this blog because I can't make it perfect!
Please help me to stop!  I have read and researched till I'm sick... I hate it.  I'm still battling between Word Press or Blogger.  I'm not happy with the way Blogger is looking.  Yet if I change I can procrastinate and spend another year learning how to get around in Word Press.   


My Perfectionism
Does anyone have any suggestions? 

I struggle and I beat my head on my desk..... then I remember that I have my DoTerra Essential Oils



All I need to do is add a couple of drops of Black Pepper and Bergamot in the palms of my hands.  Rub together 2-3 times and cup my hands over my mouth and nose and breathe deeply.  Amazing how it gets my focus turned around!

Why don't I remember these things???  I'm a DoTerra Wellness Advocate!!  I should be alert to these things!!

From now on..... I will not procrastinate -- yea right!  Tomorrow I will not try for perfectionism---- hmmm, I'll try.

But for today I have my focus on with my Rocking W Essential Oils by DoTerra!