Border Mama Cooks

This page is where I will share my favorite recipes....some really good...some really messed up...but it's all good.  I love to cook good, down home, comfort, ranch, Paula Dean, Pioneer Woman, New Mexico, down South, Mexican (New Mexican....not Tex-Mex in this house please!), all round "feed the herds" type of food.  When my kids tell me "hey mom....what are you fixin' I'm coming home..." my mothering instinct  kicks in...I will do my best...between work, knitting, crafting, painting,  riding in a cattle truck with rushing out the door to a barrel race with fix them what ever their little hearts desire!  Have you figured out yet that my kids are well loved (I don't say spoiled)???    Yea....pretty much.... 
I hope you enjoy our family favorite recipes.  If I have borrowed them from another blog...or someone else....I will give credit where credits due.  Besides, you'll probably get better pictures from someone else's blog!!!

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